Onsite Assessments is a Melbourne based Mobile Plant Risk Assessment business specialising in onsite machinery risk assessments for ALL kinds of Plant and equipment used in Civil Construction, Mining, Forestry, Agriculture and Oil & Gas industries. We also do Fire/Emergency Evacuation Plans and Procedures for Workplaces.

All of our Risk Assessors are certified with the Civil Contractors Federation, and each one will come to your site bringing more than 20 years’ experience in Earthmoving, Forestry etc with them.

We thoroughly inspect and report on ALL current requirements under the OH&S Act for Plant and are constantly informed of any changes made to the Act or any other legislation made.

We will track your Assessment expiry and inform you 1 month prior to the assessment becoming out of date and contact you for a convenient time for you to have the equipment re-assessed and saving you downtime and taking away the worry of needing to keep track of ANOTHER BLOODY THING, instead you will be able to pass the worry onto us!

ALL DONE IN THE FIRST VISIT (No waiting for documents to be sent in the mail)

We will assesses you equipment or workplace at the specified time, we will create your Risk Assessment document, we will print and bind a hard copy, provide any accessory products so you can comply (if required) and process your transaction all in the ONE visit to your site.

We carry a full complement of the required accessories needed to comply to current laws in Victoria, so if you need a replacement, Beacon or Fire Extinguisher, even Safety Stickers or WLL decals and First Aid Kits, we carry it all with us onboard so you don’t have to STOP work to go and find what it is you need to comply, and START working and making money. Which is why we all started in business!

This way, no matter the outcome of the Onsite Assessment, you can be confident your equipment can be working in the quickest way possible and thereby you can be using your equipment and making money instead of being idle waiting for someone to go and find a set of safety stickers and a fire extinguisher or WLL decals.